Sistema solar de URGEN

1. Solar panel rated output power: 100W

2.Suitable for daily power consumption : <550WH

3.Allowable max loads power :120W

Model: SMSH-100W Off grid solar power system configuration list

Inverter - 100W

Pure sine wave,optional DC input & AC output voltage, Use copper transformer;Bypass function with AC charger; Power frequency type,LCD display,full protection available,

Solar panel - 100W

100W poly solar panel,A grade solar cell,high conversion efficiency, 25 years at 85% of minimal rated output power.

Battery – 60Ah

60Ah/12V,Gel type,free maintenance,deep cycle Life-span: >6 years

Solar panel rack

Aluminum structure, Allowing installation for tin roof angle 5°~ 60° Foldable design for easy transportation, including complete components Simple and fast installation, high wind resistance


Include the PV cable and battery cable,
PV connector and battery connector.
The quantity is suitable for the whole system

Important!- System extendible option



·The Solar panel is extendible ·The Battery is extendible



1pcs 1pcs

1pcs 1pcs




MPPT Solar Controller-20A

MPPT type, LCD display, full protection, Battery voltage(automatic identify):12V/24V Max charging current:20A


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